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The Basics: Get Prepped!

It’s best to shop for much of the essentials before your new kitten arrives. That way when he or she comes home, you can concentrate on getting to know each other and settling into your new life together.

Finding the Right Food

Every cat & kitten has unique nutritional needs. Talk with a Pet Expert about what food works best for your feline.


Treat Your Pet

Cats like treats just as much as dogs do! Give your cat a treat as a reward.


Tag, You’re Mine!

All cats should be given a collar and a pet tag that lists his name and your phone number.


Hold the Catnip

Don’t give your kitten catnip when he is very young. The reaction to catnip develops in kittens between the ages of 3-6 months, kittens tend to avoid catnip until then.


Scratch Time!

Buy a scratching post for your cat, especially as a kitten. It will be a good alternative to your sofa for him to claw.


Get Groomed for Success

Groom your cat regularly by brushing his coat and trimming his nails. The sooner you can start this routine, the better. Dental care is also important. Buy a gentle flea and tick product only after your kitten is 6 weeks of age, and speak to your Veterinarian first.


Travel Safe and Secure

Make sure his travel carrier doesn’t provide too much free space or he won’t feel secure and will not enjoy travelling.


Private Space

Place a litter pan in a secluded area for privacy. The litter pan should be large enough for a fully grown cat. Hooded pans are a great option if you are concerned with kitty kicking litter onto the floor. Liners also help make litter changing faster and easier.

Essentials: checklist

  • Food
  • Food & Water Bowls
  • Hairball Remedies
  • Flea & Tick Care
  • Litter, Litter Pan, Scoop, Litter Liners, Stain & Odour Remover
  • Travel Carrier
  • Cat Furniture & Scratching Post
  • Bed
  • Toys
  • Treats
  • Collar, Harness & Pet Tag
  • Anxiety Relief
  • Grooming: Brush & Nail Clippers
  • Dental Care

Pet Expert Tip

Ask for The New Pet Parent Guide at your local Tisol store for more helpful information, plus great coupons!