What our Customers Say

There are few times in life when a store is so expertly crafted that it is nothing short of genius.”

What I found really helpful was their knowledge of more natural foods and treat products such as raw dog food, raw bones and chews like naturally shed antlers. You get the feeling that everyone that helps you in the store genuinely loves and cares for animals, this isn’t just a “job” for them. And really, how good does that make you and your pooch feel? Pretty good I tells yas.

We have been to Tisol twice now. This is an fantastic store, unlike any other pet store I have been to. I get just as excited as my whippet puppy to visit this store.

The variety of foods, and treats for our dogs is incredible. And selection of toys is excellent. I had been looking for a specific toy at other stores for two months and was reserved to having to order it from the US on Amazon; first time in Tisol and it was sitting right there on the shelf. I snatched it up with a death grip.

The staff are always friendly and welcome questions on the different products. Our most recent visit was to pickup a few small items, but I had been milling over switching dog foods and had done research on my own. Well, the staff at the store were extremely knowledgeable and passionate about quality food. He explained the differences in brands, the benefits of each brand compared to each other, the composition of the meat ingredients per brand (whole animal v.s. parts), where the factories were located, recommendations based on my dogs activity levels now and adult growth weight, and suitability for my dogs sensitive stomach.

Clearly these people care about dogs. I ended up getting the brand of dog food I was leaning toward from my research, but I don’t think I even mentioned that to the employee. He honestly recommended high quality food with an understanding of my dogs needs. Very rare to get that kind of service in any industry, much less pet supplies.

You’ll be seeing us again. :)

Kat H.


I would like to pass along kudos to the staff and store at 2949 Main St. in Vancouver. Not once have I gone in there and not had the first person I see say hello and ask if I need help. Then when I need help, usually with large boxes of litter (4 at a time) and very large bags of dry cat food, off they go to get a trolley and once I’ve paid for it they load it all right into my van. So I think they’re the best!

Cheers to the Main St. staff!

Sharon E.


On November 25th I returned dog treats to your Richmond store.  Although I had a receipt for a portion of these treats, I did not have a receipt for all of them. The cashier advised me that I would have to exchange the items with no receipt.  I was returning these items because I lost my dog. This loss has been very difficult for me, so I broke down and cried.  Fortunately, a woman who has served me many times in your store came over and directed the cashier to refund this return. Her understanding and compassion in this situation was exemplary.  I don’t know her name, but I would like to express my gratitude for the extending excellent service.  The people working in your store have always been friendly and helpful, which is why you have received my business. This story will be told to all of my family and friends.

One act of kindness can reap immeasurable rewards.

Thank you,

Eleanor T.


I left the Arbutus Tisol store feeling extremely satisfied with the service.  I got what I wanted and I didn’t have to go through the hassle of sending the broken unit out to the manufacturer, waiting for it to get fixed, and waiting for it to be couriered back – which probably would have taken weeks. I am extremely busy, and it would have been a big headache. Your staff member exemplified her diligence to go out of her way by following up with phone calls, and she showed that her customer care came first by accommodating my situation. Despite the fact that I drive right past another large pet store in order to get to Tisol, I would much rather go to Tisol because I know that the service there is by far, the best I’ve experience in a pet store.

Thanks sincerely,

Brain L.


This is the BEST pet solutions store going! Happy, Enthusiastic and earnestly loving help! Awesome solutions that are right for me and my dogs! They listen, they read, they direct us to best options that are right for our conscious attitudes and our dogs health and wellness. OH and if the solution didn’t work, that’s ok bring it back, they Donate it for you and you get your money back for a new solution! Thank you!!! For being a force in this reality, balancing greed and the wellness of others to create the harmony that is TISOL!

Anthony David