Tisol  has toys for pet cats and dogs
All work and no play makes Spot (or Whiskers, or Polly or Nemo) a dull critter. And that’s exactly why we carry more pet toys than you can shake a “chuck-it” at. From chew toys and cat posts to perches and exercise balls, Tisol has one of the Lower Mainland’s best selections of products for providing your ‘loved one’ with plenty of fun and exercise.

In addition to being lots of fun, most of the toys we supply extra benefits like strengthening teeth and claws. Better yet, they also help you avoid scratched or chewed furniture (or your favourite slippers) while allowing pets to indulge their natural habits.

We’d be pleased to tell you all about our selection of toys by phone, or better yet, in person, at one of our 9 Lower Mainland locations.