Tisol in the Vancouver media
From time to time, we receive letters from the public to thank us for our on-going efforts to support various pet welfare programs. Recently we even received a commendation on behalf of the Government of Canada – by Burnaby MP Peter Julian (MP Burnaby-New Westminster). And though it’s not the reason we do what we do, we admit that it is flattering to be acknowledged for our efforts. We’d also like to thank you, in advance, for taking the time to tell us what you think.

Tisol has also been recognized by the media — as a trusted source for expert opinions. Over the years Tisol has been approached by dozens of media outlets – from radio and TV stations to newspapers and magazines. We are thankful for the position of trust that we have been able to establish; we see this as a wonderful opportunity to share our message and encourage more owners to think about their pet’s health.

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